Keele River Expedition

The Keele River Expedition is a joint project with Northern Youth Leadership to provide a unique, challenging, life-changing river experience for 12 youths from NWT and Nunavut. This is a special one-off program planned for the summer of this year. In addition to the immediate benefits to each and every participant, in terms of character and confidence building, one of the longer-term objectives of this project is to have some youths seque into Canoe North’s “guide-in-training” program, starting in 2019.


Feature Article in Tusaayaksat Magazine

“It’s important to teach our traditions, to continue a true way of life and learn everything real about life through hands-on hard work and experiences without in uences of modern society."


Feature article in Nunavut News/North

"I had never carried a heavy canoe before. It was a lot of work," said MacPherson Otokiak. "When we actually got in the water I was kind of nervous. I used the paddle strokes they showed me and I got the hang of it right when we got in the water."

Feature article in Nunavut News

Empowerment through adventure is the focus of a fund to support Nunavut youth in memory of a special person. The Ayalik Fund grows each month, a memorial to the love of two parents for their child...

INAC Supports The Ayalik Fund

“This is totally inspiring,” said Carolyn Bennett, Minister of INAC in the Liberal government. She was referring to the Ayalik Fund, speaking at a fundraiser last June. The event was organized by the team...


Nunavut Tunngavik Bake Sale

The social committee at Nunavut Tunngavik, the organization that represents the Inuit of Nunavut (also Laurie’s employer), recently held a bake sale...

Feature article in Nunatsiaq News

OTTAWA — He was right-handed but he shot left in hockey. He wore number 22 of course, in honour of Jordin Tootoo. Eric Ayalik Okalitana Pelly played guitar and piano, he loved to fish and canoe and it’s nearly impossible to find a photo of him where he is not smiling...

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