A Word from Laurie & David

We remember well the first time we saw Eric, at just over two years old, when Social Services brought him to our home in Cambridge Bay. He was wearing only polo pyjamas and a frightened countenance, which soon gave way to his irrepressible, unforgettable smile. As a little boy, that smile seemed almost bigger than his body, but he grew into it beautifully as he matured.

Eric bore the pain of his ancestors who lived in the decades before him. He carried this burden through his own life in the form of difficulties that were not of his own making. Eric is representative of many Inuit children in Canada who have suffered as a result of what the dominant society historically inflicted upon First Nations and Inuit, and the collective failure even in the 21st century to understand, acknowledge, and accommodate. We hope to do something about this – one child at a time.

Through the Ayalik Fund, we intend to help Inuit children and youth who face the challenges of growing up in difficult circumstances, by providing some of them with experiences we believe benefited our dearest Eric. We lost our beautiful son, but we invite you to join us in helping other Inuit youth follow in his footsteps toward success.

We have been familiar with Tides Canada and its very worthwhile social and environmental work in the North for several years, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to add a new element to those efforts, as a way of honouring the memory of our beloved son Eric.

Please join us.

We will never be the same.

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