NEWS 2016

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An Arctic Evening

04 November 2016 A fundraiser and a celebration, a first for the Ayalik Fund...

Feature article in Nunavut News/North

17 October 2016 "I had never carried a heavy canoe before. It was a lot of work," said MacPherson Otokiak. "When we actually got in the water I was kind of nervous. I used the paddle strokes they showed me and I got the hang of it right when we got in the water."

Nunavut News/North writes about the Ayalik Fund grants to several youth to participate in summer programs 2016.

INAC Supports The Ayalik Fund

18 June 2016 “This is totally inspiring,” said Carolyn Bennett, Minister of INAC in the Liberal government. She was referring to the Ayalik Fund, speaking at a fundraiser last June. The event was organized by the team...

Feature article in Nunavut News

18 April 2016 Empowerment through adventure is the focus of a fund to support Nunavut youth in memory of a special person. The Ayalik Fund grows each month, a memorial to the love of two parents for their child...

Nunavut News spoke about The Ayalik Fund's objective in their article "Memorial fund offers adventure".

Major Donation from the Wilderness & Canoe Symposium

20 February 2016 After David Pelly spoke at the symposium, people in attendance stepped forward with immense generosity. In total, more than $8000 was raised for the Ayalik Fund that day ...